To the Post Office


Este es el look que usé para ir a Correos hoy, porque... Por qué no? 
Al parecer también compré un montón de cosas que quería postear pero obviamente nunca lo hice! xD

This is what I wore yesterday to go to the post office, because... Why not? :P
I also bought a lot of stuff so I might do a haul/first impressions on the coming days!

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Purple Week 2x1 - Days 3 & 4


Hey, guys!

2x1 hoy porque en los últimos días no he hecho nada que valga la pena postear. El miércoles tuve una prueba súper temprano así que sólo usé un labial morado, y hoy me levanté tarde y me hice un delineado rasgado con morado (ado, ado, ado xD).

2 in 1 today, 'cause the last two days I didn't really do anything blog worthy. On Wednesday I had a super early test so I just went with purple lips and today I woke up super late so I did a purple winged liner and nothing more.

El look es otro, pero el labial es el mismo que usé el miércoles.
This is actually a different look, but same lipstick I wore on Wed.
Evil Shades' Dark Princess
Como esos dos fueron tan fomes, traigo un look anterior para compensar!

Since those two were so boring, I'll compensate with an older look I never posted :)

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Purple Week - Day 2


Hey, guys!

Back for day 2 of purples week! This time I did an eye look, featuring GCC's Game Over as the main eyeshadow. In fact I only used that one over different bases to bring more dimension to the look.

I don't really know what else to say, so more pictures and product list under the cut!

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Let's see if I remember how to do this!


Quickie post here!
I think this week is not gonna be as busy as the past and coming ones, so I'll take the chance and jump on "Purples Week"!
Sounds fun right? Hopefully I'll make it for the week '^-^

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Creeper Eyessssssss! - NTMS Challenge


Hey, guys!

I'm gonna do this one a quickie, 'cause I'm a little lazy today :P

This week's challenge was for video games and as a certified nerd I couldn't pass it up! I wanted to do something different and outside of the box for this one cause I've done a gazillion looks inspired on other games like LoZ or Pokemon (even if I haven't posted them ^.^') so I figured those would be too predictable coming from me :P

So I did Minecraft! :D I thought this could be fun and unexpected, right?

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Victorian Disco Cosmetics - First Impressions


Hey guys!

I have decided to switch up the 90 days challenge a little bit so that it actually feels like a challenge: I'm gonna limit the 90-days posts to my "de-stashing box" looks (which are done with just that, shades that I want to use up) and anything else: reviews, swatches or looks done with other products, is gonna be a regular post, like this one.

So, onto the topic at hand: Victorian Disco Cosmetics!

I received my first order this week and I am super impressed! (You're gonna see a lot of exclamation marks in this post :P)

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Geek Chic Loot - Day 13/90


Hey, guys!

Today I bring you a little Geek Chic Cosmetics haul/review from my last order, which I got last weekend if I remember correctly.

As you can see, everything came nicely packaged with a cute note on my in-voice, same as every order I've placed before.
This time I finally cracked and decided to get the full N7 collection. I also got a few lip products an extra shadow and one of their (at-the-time new) solid scents.

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Smoked Oranges - Day 12/90


Hey, guys!

I think this is really gonna work this time :D During the week I'm writing posts on my phone and even though it has problems uploading them while I'm at college, all I have to the when I get home is publish them. Win!
(On the weekends I might do posts with better pictures, since I'm at home).

Today I tried my hand at this weeks NTMS challenge: Orange! So this is what I came up with.

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Soft Mod - Day 11


Lately, I've been doing a little bit of "shopping my own stash" where I keep a few shadows I want to try and use up in a separate box. These are mostly samples of colors I don't really use that much, samples in clamshells (which I find a little uncomfortable to use) and colors I also own in full sizes.

I've been limiting my self to only use these colors for the past few months and if I use one up I'll replace with another one. It's been challenging but fun at the same time, it really forces me to be more creative instead of just doing the same look with different colors.

So today I did this: a 60's mod/twiggy kind of look with softer colors.

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Nyan Cat - Day 10 (Finally!)


Quick post:

Nyan Cat on my lips on top of Palladio Berry lip stain + derpy full face shot with iPhone's weird enhancing thingy.

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I Fail - Day 9


2 weeks into the semester and school is already kicking my butt :c

I've been ridiculously busy, running around campus, trying to sign up for classes, adjusting my schedule, so by the one I get home I am K.O'd.

I definitely don't want to drop this, so I'll pick the "90 days" back up, but I know I won't be able to post every single day, is that cheating?

I'll try to build up a schedule for the blog so it's not all random and with my Mondays being free (yay!) I should have more time to organize everything :)

Now, I do bring a peace offering: pics of my current manicure! I gave water marbling (sp?) another go and I am still not convinced. It's so much hassle and product and time for a look that I'm not so keen on... But I do believe this has been the most successful try, yet!

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Easter Sunday LOTD - Day 8/90


Hey, guys!

I'm finally catching up on the challenge!
Today I did a super quick and simple look because my grandparents were coming over for lunch and I woke up at 1PM :P

All I used was a little bit of concealer under my eyes and a bit of foundation to blend everything out. I did rather thick and strong brows, tightlined my top lashline with a black shadow and used a bit of a highlight under my brows and on the inner corner. A little bit of mascara, blush and lip balm and I was done!

After lunch I tried on the Maybelline lip stain I bought recently, but I think I liked the look better without it. Besides, I'm not so impressed. It comes off pretty easily with just a little bit of water or even from licking your lips, which kinda defeats the purpose of a long wearing lip product, in my opinion. The color is lovely, though and if you seal it with a bit of lip balm it lasts longer and doesn't make your teeth pink! 

Product list:

Maybelline - Dream Mat Fluid - 21 Soft Beige/Nude
L'Oreal - True Match Concealer - Warm Light/Medium (W4-5)
BFTE - Mineral Veil - Translucent
Shiro - Heart Container blush - Potion


Maybelline - 24 Black Glamour (For brows)
Ardell - Brow Sculpting Gel
Etienne - Eyeshadow trio - Blackstage (black for tightlining)
L'Oreal - Volume Million Lashes mascara - Black
BFTE - Mineral Eyeshadow - Way Up High

Maybelline - Color Sensational Lip Stain - 75 Cherry Pop

And that's it! Happy Easter!


Blogs participating in the 90 Days Challenge:

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EDIT: I have no idea why this post is showing up as a draft now, I swear it was published before :/
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NOTD - Day 7/90


Hey, guys!

Nail update 'cause I can't keep the same manicure for more than 3 days and since I had gotten new polishes, I tried them on :D

Thumb is OPI Excuse Moi! and middle finger is Etienne (968) Disco Ball.

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Weekend Loot - Day 6/90


Second post of day, I'm catching up!

This is a small haul of stuff I got the past weekend I think it was. I didn't get the best pictures because it was kind of cloudy that day.

See? Small :P

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Tag: 11 Things About Me - Day 5/90 - Due Yesterday (^-^')


Hey, guys!

Yup, I'm (super) late on this, but I'll try to have two (or three) posts up tonight. 

I was tagged by the lovely Jessica from Better of Redhead and instructions are as they follow:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus eleven questions for the people you have tagged to answer.
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your tag.
4. Email the person to let them know that they’ve been tagged.
5. No tag backs.
6. You legitimately have to tag.

Does rule 1 mean I have to post eleven things about me besides answering the questions? Well, I think I'm gonna do that anyway :D

1. I absolutely love to read, yet I don't do it a lot. I have a huge list of books waiting to be read. 
2. I used to collect music albums before I started collecting makeup. I have a LOT of CDs. :/
3. My favorite color is green. I gravitate toward anything green.
4. I legitimately think animals are the love of my life.
Who needs a boyfriend when you can come home to them? :3
5. I've never tried a single MAC product.

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Monochromatic Look - Day 4/90


Hey, guys!

This week there's a "Monochromatic" look challenge going on NTMS. Wendi actually asked for ideas for this week and this was mine and it won! Yay :D

This is what I came up with; since my nails are peachy-salmony-orange, I went with oranges. And yes, I even went with the same colors on my outfit, which might have been a little too much, but it was fun!

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Makeup Geek Shadows Review and Swatches - Day 3/90


Hey, guys!

Today I've got a post on these MUG shadows I got a bit ago and I gotta say, I really like them! I waited until the colorful ones were available before buying some because, well, that's what I like! :D

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Easter NOTW - Day 2/90


Hey, guys!

I don't have the best pictures for this, but I might edit this entry tomorrow if I remember to take pictures in day light.

Lately I've been really into nail polish. My collection went from 20-25 polishes to maybe 60 in the last couple of months. I know for a lot of people that's nothing but to me it was really fast and I'm still eyeing so many nail polishes, it's crazy. 

The last thing I've been really into is matte nail polish, and I just got OPI's Matte Nail Envy that I'm using as a top coat, the only matte "clear" polish I've been able to find around here.

I hope this pictures aren't that bad :(
The other hand is actually different, I used an iridescent glitter polish on the accent nail, but pictures aren't picking it up very well in artificial light. Again, I'll try to post pictures of it tomorrow.

EDIT: Pictures in day light; not the sunniest day, though. And as I'm typing this I noticed my left thumb chipped :( Damn mattes and they're sucky adhesion... 

Onto the products!

Essie First Base as base coat.
Essie Haute as Hello
Etienne Maximum Long polish in 715 - Bijoux Strass
Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Gold
OPI Matte Nail Envy Nail Strengthener as top coat. 
OPI RapiDry Top Coat for the accent nails.

And that's it! Remember to check out the rest of the blogs doing the challenge:

Hope you enjoyed! :3


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90 Days Makeup Challenge - Day 1/90


Yup. I'm gonna give it a try, but I can't promise anything!

Wendi (Makeup Zombie) came up with a really fun way to do this which is basically for everyone from her facebook group who wanted to, to do it and to link all of the other bloggers who are also doing it on each entry. So, I said why not? :D

In order for me to even think about success regarding this I'm gonna keep the posts short and sweet, with just pictures and the products list, if I can remember what I used.

Since it started today (yesterday?) and I wasn't prepared or wearing any makeup, I'm doing a collective post with a bunch of looks I never uploaded anywhere because I either forgot about them, was too lazy to edit the pics or forgot what I was wearing. Which happens quite often…
Some of this looks are very old and I believe my skills, skin and photographs have improved quite a bit, if I do say so myself.

So, without further ado:

I think I used mainly shiro for this one.
I remember using Ganondorf as base for the look and maybe Hyperbeam. I believe I used Epona to blend, alongside something else that I don't remember and the gold is BFTE's Autumn.

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Disney Challenge for NTMS x2


Hi guys!

I think I'll keep this post short and sweet, cause I have to study (:c).

This weeks challenge was based on Disney, because Wendi, the Zombie leader from NTMS went to Disneyland! (Jelly!!!)

So, this is my look based on Aladdin. What inspired me the most was the landscapes in the movie because I think they're absolutely breathtaking!. There also elements form Jasmine's outfit, the teal one (♥), and a little touch of gold for the sand.

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Shiro Update


Why must swatching take up so much time? Anyway…


Recently, Caitlin (the owner of Shiro Cosmetics) made an announcement about some of her shades being discontinued and others renamed, mostly from The Super Effective and The Legends Collections. For now she will have these colors available in a clearance sale at $3.50 for a full size jar. You can also buy samples and minis of these through the mix'n'match option on the site (although I don't know the pricing of those), as well as order the renamed shades with their original labels.
For more information, you can refer to this post which lists all of the changes and their Facebook page for more announcements.

I have a few swatches of all the discontinued ones that I have and some others that might be similar for comparison. I believe there's only two of the discontinued ones that I don't have, which are Outright Fabrication and Emancipation Grid.

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