Makeup Geek Shadows Review and Swatches - Day 3/90

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Today I've got a post on these MUG shadows I got a bit ago and I gotta say, I really like them! I waited until the colorful ones were available before buying some because, well, that's what I like! :D

They came really well packaged and pretty fast, too. I've placed quite a few orders at the MUG store and I really like it. They have great prices, fast shipping and a lot of products I can't actually get in my country.

The packaging on these is supposed to be the same as MAC refills (I wouldn't know, never had one :P) but colorful. They have a paragraph about MUG in the front with a clear window to see the actual shadow and the ingredients listed in the back. Closer look at the packaging:

Closer look at the label, too.
The pan size is the average 26mm. They are supposed to be magnetic.
Sea Mist 
L - R: Fuji, Appletini, Envy, Sea Mist, Peacock, Poolside, Unicorn, Razzleberry, Twilight.
As you can see these are super pigmented and are really smooth, blendable and the ones I've used are easy to work with. The colors are beautiful and there's a great variety to choose from. The collection is quite complex with different colors and textures available, multiple brights and neutrals, mattes, shimmery, glittery and even some duochromes like Appletini, which is an apple green with gold shimmer/duochrome.
L - R: Fuji, Appletini, Envy, Sea Mist, Peacock, Poolside, Unicorn, Razzleberry, Twilight.
Appletini was a little bit sheerer than the rest and Peacock is greener than it looks in the pictures. Twilight is great for an all-over-the-lid color, Razzleberry is gorgeous but you do need a stickier base for the glitter to adhere. Unicorn is really pretty, but I've only used it once and it wasn't the easiest to work with but it might have been the primer I used which was on the drier side. With the rest I actually haven't done much besides swatching them.

Bottom line, I really like them and I can't wait to get more, there's so many great colors available. Tell me, have you tried them? What do you think of them?

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