Shiro Update


Why must swatching take up so much time? Anyway…


Recently, Caitlin (the owner of Shiro Cosmetics) made an announcement about some of her shades being discontinued and others renamed, mostly from The Super Effective and The Legends Collections. For now she will have these colors available in a clearance sale at $3.50 for a full size jar. You can also buy samples and minis of these through the mix'n'match option on the site (although I don't know the pricing of those), as well as order the renamed shades with their original labels.
For more information, you can refer to this post which lists all of the changes and their Facebook page for more announcements.

I have a few swatches of all the discontinued ones that I have and some others that might be similar for comparison. I believe there's only two of the discontinued ones that I don't have, which are Outright Fabrication and Emancipation Grid.

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