90 Days Makeup Challenge - Day 1/90

Yup. I'm gonna give it a try, but I can't promise anything!

Wendi (Makeup Zombie) came up with a really fun way to do this which is basically for everyone from her facebook group who wanted to, to do it and to link all of the other bloggers who are also doing it on each entry. So, I said why not? :D

In order for me to even think about success regarding this I'm gonna keep the posts short and sweet, with just pictures and the products list, if I can remember what I used.

Since it started today (yesterday?) and I wasn't prepared or wearing any makeup, I'm doing a collective post with a bunch of looks I never uploaded anywhere because I either forgot about them, was too lazy to edit the pics or forgot what I was wearing. Which happens quite often…
Some of this looks are very old and I believe my skills, skin and photographs have improved quite a bit, if I do say so myself.

So, without further ado:

I think I used mainly shiro for this one.
I remember using Ganondorf as base for the look and maybe Hyperbeam. I believe I used Epona to blend, alongside something else that I don't remember and the gold is BFTE's Autumn.

For this one is only Shiro. The inner corner highlight is Spinarak. I think I used Weepinbell and/or Budew to blend the crease. I know I used Acid somewhere, maybe mixed with Rupee? And Bulbasaur? The brown is definitely Deku.

Only Shiro, again. I think the only colors I used were Gengar, Triforce, and S.S Anne.

This one is Geek Chic's Go Boldly collection. I couldn't make up my mind on which colors to use, so I used them all! :D

I think the crease color is BFTE's Shadows and the liner is Evergreen. The lid color might be Canyon. The bottom lid could be Twisted? Or Utopia? Not sure.

Uh... The crease could be Charmed or Gem, both by BFTE. I think the outer corner is Playful and the outer V is Navy. The lower lid might be Melon and the inner corner of the lid could be Twisted.

On the crease I think I used Sugarpill's Bulletproof and BFTE's Shadow. The lid seems to be a silver shadow from an Avon trio called Metallic, I think. Bottom lashline looks like Buttercupcake and Flamepoint, both Sugarpill.

Ah, Moltres inspired :P I did write down what I used for this one, but I don't really remember the placing of each shade. I used BFTE's Guipure and Shiro's Subrosia, Unsatisfactory Mark, Octorok, Ricky, I Feel Fantastic, Pikachu, Goron and Triforce.

This one is Umbreon inspired! I love this one :D I believe the only colors I used were Bulletproof (Sugarpill) and Pikachu (Shiro).

I have no idea what I used for this one but you get a full face shot since just the eyes was kinda lame. I know exactly what I used for the lips, though but it has no name, it just says LIP GLOSS on the tube, and I have five of them in different colors. They were a pack that came in a plastic apple-shaped container and I think the brand was Markwins? Or something like that...

I know I used Geek Chic's Kingslayer for the inner corner and inner lid, The Spider in the middle to blend and What's Under the Helmet on the outer corner. I think the bottom lid color is ARC Louis and the liner... I don't remember what it's called D:

 All I know about this one is the Glitter: EMP Glitter Grenade from GCC. For the rest, I might have used BFTE's Patriot on the crease and Blue Bird on the outer corner. The lower lid looks like MUD's Firebrick.

The neon pink is from a Pamela Grant quad, which is a national brand, called Block Color and I think the teal is from he same quad. The purple might be Sugarpill's Poison Plum or Shiro's Rattata. Or both... The inner crease looks like BFTE's Passion and the highlight could be Spring Fever.

And this last one is one of my favorites, that I don't think I ever posted to my blog. It's my Midna inspired look, from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I did this one for a contest Geek Chic was hosting. It was really fun I love it to death. I have a Makeupbee post on this look with a full list of products.

*Some of the products mentioned (*cofcofShirocofcof*) might have been renamed and/or discontinued since I used them for this looks*

And a bonus shot! I found this one while going through unedited pics:

This is Canela, one of my 4 years old boxer pups. Her name means Cinnamon ^-^
You can kinda see her sister, Lulú behind her :) 

I'm really sorry if there are any typos, misspellings or grammatical errors on this post, I haven't been able to talk or write properly for the whole weekend apparently :/

Anyway, I hope it's still April 1st somewhere in the world so this post is still valid xD

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I'll update the links to other bloggers as they upload their posts, I guess.

Hope you enjoyed! <3


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Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

I love the purple and pink looks on you, I don't see you wear those colors much but they look gorgeous!<33

Pepi said...

Thanks, Emily! :)
You're right, I don't wear those colors much, I don't know why xD

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