Easter NOTW - Day 2/90

Hey, guys!

I don't have the best pictures for this, but I might edit this entry tomorrow if I remember to take pictures in day light.

Lately I've been really into nail polish. My collection went from 20-25 polishes to maybe 60 in the last couple of months. I know for a lot of people that's nothing but to me it was really fast and I'm still eyeing so many nail polishes, it's crazy. 

The last thing I've been really into is matte nail polish, and I just got OPI's Matte Nail Envy that I'm using as a top coat, the only matte "clear" polish I've been able to find around here.

I hope this pictures aren't that bad :(
The other hand is actually different, I used an iridescent glitter polish on the accent nail, but pictures aren't picking it up very well in artificial light. Again, I'll try to post pictures of it tomorrow.

EDIT: Pictures in day light; not the sunniest day, though. And as I'm typing this I noticed my left thumb chipped :( Damn mattes and they're sucky adhesion... 

Onto the products!

Essie First Base as base coat.
Essie Haute as Hello
Etienne Maximum Long polish in 715 - Bijoux Strass
Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Gold
OPI Matte Nail Envy Nail Strengthener as top coat. 
OPI RapiDry Top Coat for the accent nails.

And that's it! Remember to check out the rest of the blogs doing the challenge:

Hope you enjoyed! :3


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