Weekend Loot - Day 6/90

Second post of day, I'm catching up!

This is a small haul of stuff I got the past weekend I think it was. I didn't get the best pictures because it was kind of cloudy that day.

See? Small :P

First up is my favorite moisturizer, Vichy Essentielles. A while ago, my HG moisturizer got discontinued and I had to start looking for another one. I don't like thick creams, I prefer them to have a very light texture and this one delivers! I absolutely loved it and this is the second time I buy it.

This whole line formulated for normal to combination skin and it claims to hydrate, protect and highlight your skin. I actually also have the cleansing foam (at least I think that's the name) and the hand cream, and I love them all!

The face lotion is very moisturizing without being oily or heavy and it gives me that "relief" sensation for when my skin feels a little tighter. It doesn't leave any sort of residue as it soaks in very fast, leaving my skin really, really soft and ready for makeup! :D
It also lasts a really long time. The previous one I've had it for maybe 4 months and I'm just starting to run low. Same goes for the other two products I have from the line, except on those I'm nowhere near finishing them.

Next thing I took out of the package as soon as I got home, 'cause it was all dirty and ragged since, apparently, it was the last one they had. It is the L'Oreal Lineur Intense felt tip liquid liner.

I'm not very convinced. First off, I got Black Mica which I think, it's shimmery. Not ridiculously so, but still.

Second, it's very liquid and a little bit sheer, so you have to go over it a couple of times. At least, I had to for the swatches. And it doesn't seem to be a whole lot of product either.
And last, but not least: it rubbed off with my finger. And a little bit of water later, there was no sign of it.
I haven't actually tried it, yet. I intend to do so tomorrow, but I have very watery eyes and I'm kinda scared.
Top swatch was freshly applied, bottom swatches were rubbed with my finger.
You can also see the left over shimmer in my hand.
I laso got this Maybelline Color Sensational lip stain in (75) Cherry Pop. I was looking for a warmer, orangey, but still bright red and I really like the color of this one. I also have a Palladio lip stain, the Berry color, but I find it to be a little drying. I haven't used the Maybelline one yet (I'm think about wearing this one tomorrow, too :P), so we'll have to see.

I did try it the other day before I took my makeup off and the color looked a lot darker on my lips, but it might just be because my lips are very pigmented. It was very easy to build it up and it did not bleed when I tried it on. And it smells amazing, exactly like cherry candy!
Top swatch is one pass, bottom swatch is built up.
I think it bled on my hand because I built it up a little fast.
Next up are my very first China Glaze polishes! I haven't tried them, yet but guess what? I also wanna wear one tomorrow! (Let's face it, who am I kidding? The same manicure for a whole week?)

L-R: Pink Voltage, Turned up Turquoise, Fast Forward top coat.
 Pink Voltage has a bit of a blue/purple duochrome which makes it a little bit different from the bright neon pink cremes I already have.

Turned up Turquoise is a shimmery, kind of glowing turquoise and I really didn't have anything like that; the bright colors I own are mostly creme finishes.

They both have thin, regular brushes.

And last, I got the Muppets OPI minis. I've been eyeing them for a long time and since I had a 15% off code, I though it was my chance.

The bottles are incredibly small and cute. They remind of a Friends episode where Chandler says he likes to hold those tiny liquor bottles and pretend he's a giant, lol.
I've actually used all of these but Wocka Wocka! I'll show you in my next post :D
Wocka Wocka!
Warm and Fozzie
Designer… de Better!
Excuse Moi! 
Designer… de Better! 
Excuse Moi! 
Wocka Wocka! 
Warm & Fozzie 
Here you can see a little bit more of the multichrome on Warm & Fozzie. 
Mini v/s Full Size
And that's it! I know none of this products were new or anything but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! No, I'm off to bed. Birds are starting to chirp outside my window…


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