I Fail - Day 9

2 weeks into the semester and school is already kicking my butt :c

I've been ridiculously busy, running around campus, trying to sign up for classes, adjusting my schedule, so by the one I get home I am K.O'd.

I definitely don't want to drop this, so I'll pick the "90 days" back up, but I know I won't be able to post every single day, is that cheating?

I'll try to build up a schedule for the blog so it's not all random and with my Mondays being free (yay!) I should have more time to organize everything :)

Now, I do bring a peace offering: pics of my current manicure! I gave water marbling (sp?) another go and I am still not convinced. It's so much hassle and product and time for a look that I'm not so keen on... But I do believe this has been the most successful try, yet!

Product list:

Essie - First Base base coat
Essie - Ladylike
Nicole by OPI - No Limits
Etienne - 715 - Bijoux Strass
OPI - RapiDry Top Coat

And that's it!


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Fleurs-de-Lisa said...

Oh, they turned out totally awesome! I've marbled paper before, and you do get an inconsistent swirl, so these look totally realistic. Great job, and thanks for sharing!

AtomicBombshell2005 said...

I love it!!!! The colors are awesome together

Pepi said...

Thank you girls! <3

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