Christmassy Reverse Smokey Eye


Is "Christmassy" even correctly spelt? Anyway…

Hi! I'm back for today with this look and for the sake of stating the obvious, it's a reverse smokey eye (where you concentrate the darkest and smokiest at the lower lashline) with Christmassy colors (red, green and gold).

This was this week's challenge for "Never Too Much Sparkle," a Facebook group about makeup I'm part of, so you might see this look floating around in other places.

As usual, more pictures and details under the cut!

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Long time, no see.


*Hangs head in shame* I am really sorry for the long and unannounced hiatus. I don't have a better excuse aside from being the kind of person who starts thing but never finishes them :(

This year has been crazier than expected so I haven't had a lot of time, but I might be a little bit more on schedule now that summer is starting. I am going to be in classes during most of it though but I'll try to post something once in a while, maybe on the weekends.

Well, that said, I come baring apology gifts!

These are a few pics and swatches of my not-so-recent Evil Shades loot. Remember: Clicky to make them bigger :D

Full sizes.
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Swatches: BFTE Greens


Finally! I managed to get every picture I needed, so here they are!
Warning: Heavy post with looooots of pictures ;)

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Update + Giveaway


Hey guys!
First of all, Sophie at Ethereal Beauty is having an awesome giveaway!
She's got a great selection of products for the prize and her blog is awesome, so check it out!

And on a different note, I'm working on some swatches and some changes on my blog too :)
So yeah, keep an eye out for that!

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I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, but this two last weeks have been crazy!
I have more swatches coming up, I'm just waiting for a sunny day to take pictures of the jars :)
And I did my nails last night, using clear polish, Patriot (BFTE) and Paris (BFTE). Next time I paint my nails with a pigment, I'll post step-by-step pictures.
Here are the pics!

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BFTE Haul!


I got my order from BFTE today and I am suuuper excited! It took even less time than usual; it's been two weeks since I placed the order. Two weeks! International!

This time I got the "All you need kit" (one foundation, one veil, one blush and three pigments) with their kabuki brush, the color of the week at the time (truffle), a blush sample in "may" and my "365 days" prize. :) All of the other colors I got I already have in sample size, but I felt the NEED (yes, need) of having them full size.

So, pictures and descriptions up next!

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BFTE Swatches: Blue


So here it is! The promised swatches.

Casablanca Nights: Dark matte base with blue/turquoise sparkles.

Casablanca Nights: Base oscura, mate, con brillos/escarcha azul/turquesa.

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Beauty From the Earth Review ♥


I have been ordering make up from Beauty From the Earth for quite a while now, and I think it's time I did a review already. This company is really amazing.

First time I ordered from them, I was a little nervous since it was the first time I ordered make up over the internet (and internationally), but everything went so well that I couldn't help but order again and again and again.

Why are they so great, you ask?

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Homemade Mixing Medium / Medio de Mezcla Hecho en Casa


Today I tried making this mixing medium to use eyeshadows wet, and I think it turned out great.

I've tried using my minerals wet before using Visine, but it didn't really work, since once it dried, it would flake to the point were to blow on it, the pigment would be almost completely gone (I'm referring to swatches here, cause I don't think it would be easy to blow on your eye xD).

So I decided to try this recipe, and see how it went:

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Soft Rainbow tutorial


First entry, here it goes:

So, this is a tutorial for this look

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