Swatches: BFTE Greens

Finally! I managed to get every picture I needed, so here they are!
Warning: Heavy post with looooots of pictures ;)

Mint: Frosty pale minty green. I love it as an inner corner highlight.

Jazzy: Really shimmery light green, kinda minty.

Limeade: Shimmery light green base with green and gold sparkle. The green is slightly yellow based, but it's still a cool toned green.

Jaded: Cool toned shimmery light green; similar to Limeade, but with silver sparkle and slightly bluer.

Sour: Low shimmer, bright emerald green. Truest green I've found of theirs, kinda like the color of green Converse shoes (my favorite :D).

Emerald: Dark low shimmer base with lots of emerald green shimmer. It is truly gorgeous on a black base.

Olive You: Light olive green, very shimmery and with a certain gold and purple duo chrome to the shimmers.

Spring Moss: Light mossy yellow-green. Matte finish. Really spring-y :)

Grassy: Matte bright moss green. Darker and greener than Spring Moss, but the general effect is very similar.

Pegasus: Shimmery forest green. Applied dry it goes kinda sheer, and wet it has a metallic feel to it.

1939: Matte dark base with emerald green glitter. It works better wet, so the glitter adheres better.

My Pretty: Suuuper dark creamy matte black base (the perfect black), with millions of green glitters.
It's like 1939 on crack! Amazing color, I love it, I love it, I love it. It goes on super smooth and it runs like water on the jar; it's just gorgeous to look at <3.

And onto the swatches! I had some trouble with the wet swatches, I was running out of light, so I rushed and of course when you rush nothing goes the way you planned, so a few of them came out a little chunky :(.

Look at those sparkles on My Pretty! <3 

Ugh, chunky swatches. :(
Here you can really tell the difference between Spring Moss and Grassy.

You really need the tiniest amount of My Pretty, since it's so smooth,
but the base is so dark that it covers the glitters.
Close up on My Pretty. It looks like ink when foiled!
It stained a little, but considering it was bare skin…
This would be an AMAZING liner.
Again, since the base is so dark and it covers the glitter,
it works best if you pat a little bit of it dry on top.

Aaaand, some bonus pictures, because I took a lot and there can never be too many swatches. :P

Look how those jars just bling in the sun. ;)

Sparkles! :)

Here you can really tell how beautiful 1939 is when wet.
More sparkles! :D
Sparkles just make happy :3
I swear this is how dark it goes on dry. They should sell that black base by itself. *-*
Wet and dry applied on top.
 And my turtle was out on the sun, and decided to come say hi when I was taking the pictures. :)
Her name is Pancha Rafaela (because of the Ninja Turtle? Yeah, I'm a nerd).
And she's not slow. At all. *shrug*
That's it! Hope you enjoyed the pictures, and now for a little update: I start classes again on Monday, so I don't know how much time I'm gonna have during the week, but I'll try to update as often as I can. I AM a procrastinator, and a blog is the perfect excuse to avoid studying, so I think it won't be very affected by it anyway.

So, yeah; thanks for reading and take care! :)


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Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

Thanks for all the lovely pictures! I can't wait to see more ;D Your turtle is so cute! ^^

Pepi said...

@Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー Thanks Em! (can I call you Em? I like how it sounds :3) Hehe, she's funny, but she doesn't like me xD

Rebecca Vexxy Williams said...

Looks great!

Pepi said...

@Rebecca Vexxy Williams

Musicalhouses said...

Omg great post, an awesome swatches! I'm seeing a few I kinda wNt to buy now...

Pepi said...

Thanks, that's great! I'll be posting more, maybe this week, when I get the time :)

Kattatonic Fierceology said...

Pretty jealous of this. I positively NEED more BFTE

Pepi said...

@Kattatonic Fierceology Haha, I know how you feel! I'm holding back on my next order, just for decency xD

Soo said...

1939 looks gorgeous!

Pepi said...

@Soo it is! Specially when foiled!



omg, my pretty... gorg!



nominated you for a couple of awards, check out my blog love!


Pepi said...

@BEAUTIFULL My pretty is probably my favorite :)
Thanks for the award! I shall check it out ASAP :P

TheeFknGoddess said...

Wow those are soooo pretty! :)


From Broadway said...

These are gorgeous shades and so pigmented!

Larie said...

Ooh, what a great collection of greens!! Love it :) Your turtle is awesome :D

Rinny said...

Thanks for the swatches! These colors look crazy pigmented. I love the sparkly ones :)

EsteeDarla said...

OMG I love these , what camera do you use ,these are totally the bomb pictures they turned out very nice it is like I am looking at someone right onn my own table..

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