Long time, no see.

*Hangs head in shame* I am really sorry for the long and unannounced hiatus. I don't have a better excuse aside from being the kind of person who starts thing but never finishes them :(

This year has been crazier than expected so I haven't had a lot of time, but I might be a little bit more on schedule now that summer is starting. I am going to be in classes during most of it though but I'll try to post something once in a while, maybe on the weekends.

Well, that said, I come baring apology gifts!

These are a few pics and swatches of my not-so-recent Evil Shades loot. Remember: Clicky to make them bigger :D

Full sizes.

Blush and eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow samples.

Make note of Drakon's color in the pot. ;)

Crazy, huh? Wait for the swatches :P
The next swatches are all dry over moisturized skin:
Outdoors, indirect sunlight.
Direct sunlight.
Direct sunlight.
Direct sunlight.
Different angle.
I would have to say that Glooming is my absolute favorite! It's just everything I ever expected from a black base with colored sparkle ♥! Close seconds are Valkyries, Zombie and Drakon, but then again I might be partial to Zombie(s) :P

These swatches are all over primer, the left side was applied wet and the right dry. These are older so there are less colors.

Direct sunlight.
Dry, direct sunlight.
Wet, direct sunlight. Sparkles!
And these are some lip products:

Direct sunlight. That is ONE swipe of Devilista! ♥ 
Direct sunlight.
 Hope you enjoyed it!


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Larie said...

Holy smokes, that vibrant red lipstick is gorgeous!!!

Pepi said...

@Larie Oops, I'm a little late, here :/
But yes, Devilista is Ah-mazing!

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