Update + Giveaway


Hey guys!
First of all, Sophie at Ethereal Beauty is having an awesome giveaway!
She's got a great selection of products for the prize and her blog is awesome, so check it out!

And on a different note, I'm working on some swatches and some changes on my blog too :)
So yeah, keep an eye out for that!

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I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, but this two last weeks have been crazy!
I have more swatches coming up, I'm just waiting for a sunny day to take pictures of the jars :)
And I did my nails last night, using clear polish, Patriot (BFTE) and Paris (BFTE). Next time I paint my nails with a pigment, I'll post step-by-step pictures.
Here are the pics!

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BFTE Haul!


I got my order from BFTE today and I am suuuper excited! It took even less time than usual; it's been two weeks since I placed the order. Two weeks! International!

This time I got the "All you need kit" (one foundation, one veil, one blush and three pigments) with their kabuki brush, the color of the week at the time (truffle), a blush sample in "may" and my "365 days" prize. :) All of the other colors I got I already have in sample size, but I felt the NEED (yes, need) of having them full size.

So, pictures and descriptions up next!

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BFTE Swatches: Blue


So here it is! The promised swatches.

Casablanca Nights: Dark matte base with blue/turquoise sparkles.

Casablanca Nights: Base oscura, mate, con brillos/escarcha azul/turquesa.

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Beauty From the Earth Review ♥


I have been ordering make up from Beauty From the Earth for quite a while now, and I think it's time I did a review already. This company is really amazing.

First time I ordered from them, I was a little nervous since it was the first time I ordered make up over the internet (and internationally), but everything went so well that I couldn't help but order again and again and again.

Why are they so great, you ask?

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