Soft Rainbow tutorial

First entry, here it goes:

So, this is a tutorial for this look

First, after priming my lid, I patted "$10 Pineapple" (the pale yellow) on my eyelid, concentrating it closer to the lashline.

Then, with a smaller brush, I placed Crush (the orange) on the inner corner of my crease and blended it into de yellow. The orange is going to help bring out the pink, and make it brighter.
Now, for Raspberry (the pink), I used a fluffier brush, and swiped it along the outer corner of my crease, and blended with the other colors.
To make the pink even brighter, I used a little bit of Karma (magenta) into the crease, with a very small brush.
Next, for the bottom lash line, I lined it with a green pencil eyeliner to use as a base for Grassy (matte green) and blended it out with my finger.
I then patted Grassy over the liner with an angled brush, and also added a little bit of Limeade to brighten up the inner corner of my lower lashline.

For eyeliner, I used a black pencil on my top lashline and bottom waterline.
And finally, black mascara on both, top and bottom lashes.
And there it is, the final look. :)

Products used:
Revlon ColorStay liquid foundation (240 Medium beige)
BFTE Eye/Lip primer
BFTE Karma

BFTE $10 Pineapple

BFTE Crush

BFTE Grassy

BFTE Raspberry

BFTE Limeade

WetN'Wild Kohl eyeliner (Cool Green)
Etienne Pencil Eyeliner (50 Noir)
CoverGirl Lashblast Mascara (Very Black)

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Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

Awesome tutorial! I also used Wet N Wild Cool Green liner as a base for my green look recently and it worked nicely :D
I hope you do more tutorials!

Pepi said...

I hope to do more tutorials too, problem is, I'm always in a hurry when I do my make up xD

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