Geek Chic Loot - Day 13/90

Hey, guys!

Today I bring you a little Geek Chic Cosmetics haul/review from my last order, which I got last weekend if I remember correctly.

As you can see, everything came nicely packaged with a cute note on my in-voice, same as every order I've placed before.
This time I finally cracked and decided to get the full N7 collection. I also got a few lip products an extra shadow and one of their (at-the-time new) solid scents.

First up: Lip products

Health Potion is the second Geek Gloss I have, the first being Momo. Health Potion is a bright, tomato red lip gloss with beautiful glitter and sparkle and has medium coverage but can be built up to full opacity. This glosses are a-ma-zing! They are super moisturizing, colorful, long lasting and plain awesome.

It also came with a cute "sealing" sticker. <3
Can you see that glitter?! *-*
Not my best application job but it's the only lip swatch I have.
I also got two other Joysticks (lipsticks) in Kaos, GCC's versions of Illamasqua's Kontrol lipstick and Back to the Fuchsia, a ridiculously bright pink.

They come in slim tubes with sealed labels.
Back to the Fuchsia.
Swatches straight form the tube. L: Kaos, R: BTTF

As you can see, both colors are very pigmented and glossy. Kaos looks a little streaky when swatched, but it doesn't go on like that on the lips. They are both very creamy and moisturizing and feel really comfortable but I can't say they are particularly easy to wear colors. Won't stop me from rocking them anyway! ;)

BTTF patted on with my fingers and blotted.
BTTF applied straight form the tube.
Kaos lightly applied form the tube. As all purples, it's not the easiest to work with.
I've never felt really confident when buying scents over the internet without testing them first. First of all, I am absolutely ignorant when it comes to scents descriptions, I just don't get them. Second, I am very picky with my perfumes. I know perfumes are not gonna make you smell bad, as in sweaty onions or something, but still. And third, the way a perfume smells on you can be very different than how it smells on others or on the bottle (tube in this case) based on your chemistry, diet, pH of your skin/sweat, environment, your own perception and what not.

Really bummed about this one :(
As the picture shows, I got Frisky Pirate, which sounded really nice and complex from the description, but sadly, my instincts were right. On the tube it's not bad by any means, it smells kind of fresh and food-y; just not my favorite, but I could deal with it. 
The problem is when I wear it. It instantly turns into bathroom air freshener/smell neutralizer, or whatever it is they are called. It seriously reminds me of how the bathrooms in the local movie theater smell. :( 

Other wise, the product is really good. I think the saturation of the scent is really good, not too much nor too diluted. You don't need to layer the product on and on to actually get the smell, and it lasts a very long time. I remember I put it on at night, before going to bed and I could still smell it on my wrist when I woke up.

EDIT: The smells is actually growing on me so, yay! 

Last, but not least, the shadows! These never disappoint. Seriously, GCC formulation is my favorite! Their shadows are nice, buttery, pigmented and they have a great selection of basic and complex shades, different colors, opacities and textures for one to choose form. Love! <3

The top jar is from their LE Halloween Collection,
but they kept this shade as a Single Player.
There was a little bit of the red color (N7) residue in some of the jars, but mine was actually perfectly sealed, so… *shrug*.

I had four samples from this collection I wanted to compare them to the full sizes I got, 'cause some of them looked a little different, which I know it's pretty easy for it to happen when it comes to hand-blended shades, so no biggie.

Top row: Samples of N7, Cerberus, Scientist Salarian and What's Under The Helmet.
Bottom row: Same colors in full size.
In the following pictures you can see the two colors that were different. N7, a bright red with silver sparkles, and What's Under the Helmet, a cool toned purple.

The sample of N7 I have is a bit darker and has a metallic finish to it, while the full size is a bright, primary red, almost matte with the silver sparkles. According to some swatches I found online, the full size would be the accurate one.

N7, full size on the left and sample on the right.
For What's Under the Helmet a believe the sample I got a while ago is the right shade, an almost matte, opaque blurple, which is absolutely awesome, by the way, but the full size I got is a kind of sheer, sparkly lilac color. Still beautiful, though!

WUTH, sample on the left and full size on the right.
Differences aside, this collection is awesome! The colors complement each other really well and I think they are a great tribute to the saga and characters they are based on (though I might be a little biased :P).

Top row: Full sizes in Cerberus, N7, Scientist Salarian and WUTH,
Bottom row: Same colors in sample sizes.
It's really hard for me to pick a favorite out of these shades but as you may have noticed, I LOVE Scientist Salarian; it's the perfect medium neutral brown with the perfect amount of sheen after its been blended. I use it everyday as a transitional/defining color, definitely a staple in my looks. Plus, Mordin is my favorite character from Mass Effect :D <3.

Top row: Full sizes in Cerberus, N7, Scientist Salarian and WUTH,
Bottom row: Same colors in sample sizes.
The next shades are the rest of the collection. Archangel, a beautiful shimmery sage green, really surprised me. I didn't think it was gonna be my kind of color, but I love it! Matriarch is a super saturated pearly blue, really deserving of its namesake. Normandy is a metallic steel/gunmetal color, great as a liner and Element Zero is an amazingly complex: bluish, frosty white on one end but when the light hits it this gorgeous turquoise/baby blue sparkle shows up... awesome! I think it was my favorite from these for colors.

L. to R.: Archangel, Matriarch, Normandy, Element Zero.
L. to R.: Archangel, Matriarch, Normandy, Element Zero.
L. to R.: Archangel, Matriarch, Normandy, Element Zero. 
L. to R.: Archangel, Matriarch, Normandy, Element Zero.
Next up is Rose Tint My World. I absolutely love this color, it's such a prefect every day color for all over the lid, but at the same time it looks so luxurious and expensive. A really complex duochrome, pink on one side, peach on the other and gold all over. Naturally, hard to capture with the camera.

And last but not least, my free sample was Viking King and I am stoked about it! It's a color I would have probably never order without the little push of a sample, but I probably will once I run out of it. It's such a beautiful gold color and it has this subtle green duochrome/tint to it that makes it a really unique shade.
Rose Tint My World sample on the left and F/S on the right.
I didn't find any differences between them.
Viking King sample.
Top: Rose Tint My World.
I don't remember which of the swatches is the F/S and which
is the sample, but I think they look the same.
Bottom: Viking King.
Top: Rose Tint My World.
Bottom: Viking King.
Top: Rose Tint My World.
Bottom: Viking King. 
Top: Rose Tint My World.
Bottom: Viking King.

Phew, that was long! Anyway, bottom line: I love GCC and I can't get enough of their stuff! Love, love, love, if you haven't tried them out, go, go, go!

That's it, I hope you enjoyed it!


*All shadows were swatched on top of a little bit of concealer and using a dry, flat shadow brush.
*All pictures in this post were taken at night, with artificial light and using flash.

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