Victorian Disco Cosmetics - First Impressions

Hey guys!

I have decided to switch up the 90 days challenge a little bit so that it actually feels like a challenge: I'm gonna limit the 90-days posts to my "de-stashing box" looks (which are done with just that, shades that I want to use up) and anything else: reviews, swatches or looks done with other products, is gonna be a regular post, like this one.

So, onto the topic at hand: Victorian Disco Cosmetics!

I received my first order this week and I am super impressed! (You're gonna see a lot of exclamation marks in this post :P)

My order was shipped two days after I placed it and everything came nicely wrapped in purple tissue paper and a pink organza bag. There were also two free samples in my order. I'm sorry I don't have pictures of my order but I was too excited and I just ripped though the packaging!

Communication was great and Ashley, the owner, is super nice and open about any question you may have. Plus, my invoice had a hand written thank you note :3
The shadows are super pigmented and smooth and the glitters are so pretty! There's a really good selection of colors and textures, and some of the shades are super complex (which I love!) and just plain beautiful!

I haven't used them all, yet, but I did a look using some duochrome and pastel colors and I was blown away by the payoff and blendability. Seriously, they were a dream to work with!

For this look I used "The Force, Use it" (pale minty green with pink/purple duochrome), "Thranduil" (sea foam green with purple duochrome), "Sailor Pluto" (emerald green with purple shimmer), "Eldar" (lilac with pink/copper shift), "Arda" (pink with purple and gold shift) and "Lorien" (cream with pale gold duochrome). It was little hard to capture these with the camera, but they are gorgeous live.

I have just a few swatches here, too, but I'll try to update with more pictures tomorrow, if we get a bit of sun. These are, from left to right: Luna, Sailor Pluto, Rini, Sailor Mars and Sailor Saturn. I swatched them with my finger on moisturized skin and please, excuse the tiny hairs :/

Direct sunlight.
And that's it for now! Like I said, more pictures to come and two thumbs up for this company! If you like indie and you're looking for something new to try (and are a self-proclaimed nerd like yours truly) definitely check them out! They also have a facebook page you should totally like ;)

Hope you enjoyed!


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P.S: Told you there were gonna be a lot exclamation points...

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